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At JFO Solutions, We are a team of accomplished and adept professionals with over 5 years of experience, abreast with global technological trends, and still firmly rooted in Nigeria, with the intent of bringing to you, vogue and in style home technologies.
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Powerwall Battery

The Powerwall battery is a home energy storage system that can store energy directly from the grid, or it can store electricity generated by renewable energy sources such as wind and solar energy. BSLBATT is available in 24V and 48V Powerwall batteries, with individual storage capacities ranging from 2.5kWh to 10kWh, to meet the power needs of private homes and small businesses.

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Solar Air Conditioner

  1. 100% energy saving in day time. Only solar panel drive.
  2. AC grid power limiter, limit AC power from 0-600W
  3. Wifi control and APP power meter
  4. AC power mode, DC power mode, AC+DC mix power supply (AC/DC Auto Balance)

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Hybrid Inverter

An on-grid inverter’s main job is to convert DC power generated from the PV array into usable AC power. Hybrid inverters go a step further and work with batteries to store excess power as well. In the developing world, hybrid inverters are more of a necessity to compensate for weak or intermittent grids or a lack of grid electricity all together. JFO Solutions hybrid inverters include single…

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Our products and services range from sales and installations of Solar Air Conditioners, Inverter Batteries, Hybrid Inverters, Full Home Automation and Energy-efficient solutions.
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